Tegra Structure Advantages

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Oil & Gas

Our Matrax HDPE Composite Mat Systems work on their own or in any temporary or permanent structures in the oil & gas industries.  We have applied knowledge gained in the field to the development and manufacturing of Matrax mats.  This first-hand expertise helps us to understand the varying field conditions and allows us to ensure you receive the best product for your site.  Our mat systems are quickly deployed, ecologically friendly and can save you up to 90% in comparison to similar products.  Our products help you avoid costly downtime and complications - we'll have you up and running in no time so you can get down to business!


Whether you are holding a large promotional event or party, or looking for a way to standout in the crowd our composite HDPE mats create a level, safe surface for your visitors and customers to walk on.  Tegra can provide this in an efficient, easily deployed fashion that will reduce your logistics costs considerably. 


Tegra Structures offers mat systems ideal for mining applications.  Our Composite HDPE mat systems are particularly suited to remote, hard to get to locations, with countless advantages from quick, easy installation to low greenhouse gas emissions and flexible configuration options.  Our mats facilitate vehicular access or staging operations in poor soil conditions that may otherwise require extensive road-building methods.  Our product has minimal environmental impact to soil and vegetation, and can be easily removed when the project is complete.


We understand that construction projects have BIG needs - literally.  Our uniquely engineered mats can handle a variety of soil types and conditions, and can be used to create temporary roads, work staging areas, or line the inside of your pneumatic structure.  They can handle heavy loads, allowing for large equipment to drive across them once installed.  (450 psi load strength)

Film Industry

Our Matrax 4'x4'x1.5" HDPE composite mats are the perfect flooring option for your filming locations, temporary or long term. These mats have already been very successful with the filming industry, for lay down yards, temporary equipment storage yards, camera road ways, walk ways. They can be installed on various site surfaces, such as turf artificial turf, fields, meadows, sand, dirt, etc.  Matrax translucent mats allow light to pass through, which will minimize the impact to any vegetation below - perfect for temporary set-ups. 

Tradeshows & Special Events

Looking for temporary flooring for your next promotional or special event? Our Matrax HDPE composite mat systems are easy and fast to install and provide a non-tripping, safe floor for your visitors. Matrax HDPE mats don’t absorb fluid, thus never warp and so do not cause tripping hazards or transport contaminates.  This mean your operations, whether temporary or long term, operate safely.

Aeronautics & Space

Our Matrax composite HDPE mats can help you in accessing critical work zones or creating temporary roads or platforms for your aeronautical equipment. It is durable and robust, yet weighs less and is less expensive than conventional alternatives.

Sports Facilities

Our matting systems can be installed temporarily for turf protection to allow heavy foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic to operate safely without destroying your golf course, soccer pitch, baseball diamond, rugby field, or stadium.  Matrax translucent mats allow light to pass through, keeping the turf alive underneath. Perfect for temporary setups where the turf must be preserved.  Our mats can also be installed permanently in any structure to create safe, non-slip flooring for sports activities.


We can use our temporary or permanent matting systems to create secure, non-slip walkways around your structures for guests and horses alike. Our products are easy to deploy, while still being robust enough to stand up to unique terrain and weather patterns.  Yet they are much more economical than conventional methods of construction.


Military & Emergencies

Tegra can provide HDPE mat systems for portable hangars and shelters for Military and Emergency uses.   Matrax mats are your solution for temporary roads in emergency situations such as floods.  If you have a Challenge, we have a Solution for it!!