Tegra Structures…We've Got You Covered

At Tegra Structures we are passionate about our composite HDPE mat systems. We supply the oil & gas, mining, construction, aeronautical and special events industries across Canada and the Western USA. We supply, service, sell, rent, lease, and install/demob our Matrax mats.

We Sell, Rent, Lease, Install & Demobilize & Transport


- 70% faster to install
- 450 psi load rating
- Will not absorb liquids, thus increase transportation costs like wood mats do!
- Cold weather tolerance/performance level of -40C
- Lay & lock each mat in 10 seconds
- Each mat has 10 patended cam locks, no warping
- At only 47.5 lbs pr mat no heavy equipment/skilled costly operated needed
- Fast & easy to clean
- Will not transport invasive species like wood mats do
- 90% pr sq ft cheaper to transport to site than traditional wood mats
- We can install for you